In 2010, The Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City, one of the most important museums of the world art circuit, asked me to develop a proposal for their Public Image that represented the opening of the New Exhibition Pavilion.
The Brief for the New Public Image, conditioned the use of the Original Logo, it should be a small change for the perception of the general public with the least variation of the Original.

In the Architectural Competition for the New Pavillion design, Studios around the world participated and the winning proposal was from Rojkind Arquitectos + BIG with a Concept called The Box". The idea behind the Concept was a space as an Open Box containing 5 cubic dynamic modules. The "Open Box" was a "T" as a symbol of the name and a brand visible from the space.

The Conceptual Solution of the New Image was visible, literal and dialectic: "The New Face of the Tamayo". Tamayo Logo is a "Square". A Square is a Cube seen from the front. Just change the view and the other faces of the Cube will become visible.

The Graphical Solution was a direct dialogue with the architectural design. A Cube Unfolded. A drawing depicting the architecture of "The Open Box" and that contains the letter "M" of Museum and the letter "T" of Tamayo.


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