(V.1.0) by Estudio Arellano Type Foundry.

Barata Display is an all caps script family font inspired by the street vendors and informal commerce in Latin countries. A condensed defined and thick stroke evokes the "Sharpie" or chalk fluorescents signs that are made in "tianguis", markets, greengrocers, barbecues and flea markets; from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. It is a typeface that "SCREAM" buy me, discounted, almost Free, Opportunity!.
What distinguishes the New Barata Display from Estudio Arellano Type Foundry is the expressive power of its structure. The Alphabet is built on the geometric principle of free traces from freehand writing. Composed of 230 capital Roman characters, Barata Display includes most common accents, without any restraining use, Barata Display can be used in any kind of commercial or personal promotion, in graphic design-web, print, animation, etc. Perfect for price labels, tags and other applications such as posters and t-shirts. It is a typeface for headlines and Lettering.
Languages: Spanish / English / French / Italian / Portuguese. Version: 1.0. Format: TrueType (.TTF). Compatible: Mac OS. & Windows PC. Styles: 3 Weights. Details: 230 Character Set. Fixed Kerning, Tracking / Pairs. Licence: Standard. Contact More Info. www.enriquearellano.com


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